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Update 84:  Jan 1 – Jan 31, 2016

PDP Funders Group

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Funder Announcements (since Jan 1 2016)

 Jan 2016: Global health in the focus of research- Funding concept: Neglected and poverty-related diseases
 Jan 25 2016: The Ross Fund – Combatting the world’s most serious diseases


PDP Press Releases (since Jan 1 2016)

•    5 Jan 2016: Modeling shows a vaccine is essential to conclusively ending HIV/AIDS

·              15 Jan 2016: Study provides additional insights for AIDS vaccine design

•    6 Jan 2016: Report: Malaria RDT product testing – Round 6 results (WHO, 2015)

•    27 Jan 2016: Experts conclude interim results look good for second-generation HAT RDT

•    28 Jan 2016: Summary from meeting on diagnostic needs for Plasmodium vivax malaria

•    28 Jan 2016: FIND signs partnership agreement with McGill on TB diagnostics

25 Jan 2016: Bill Gates and George Osborne visit IVCC
13 Jan 2016: Clinical research Malaysia and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative sign agreement to launch clinical studies for a public health approach to Hepatitis C in Malaysia
 •   5 Jan 2016: Axel Hoos, Peter Thoren appointed Chairman, Vice Chairman of Sabin Board of Trustees

•    13 Jan 2016: Kenneth Kelley and Jordan Orange join Sabin Vaccine Institute Board of Trustees

TB Alliance
4 Jan 2016: Phase 1 TBA-354 placed on clinical hold


Recently released PDP related reports/ briefing papers/ articles/blogs

•   2 Jan: Access to advanced medicines and affordability: a look forward to 2016. Hyderus

•   5 Jan: “We need more money for R&D on diseases of poverty!“. Rural21

•   12 Jan: The troubled quest to find a better mosquito repellent. The Atlantic

•   13 Jan: Atomo secures US$6M from the Global Health Investment Fund. Ide

•   13 Jan: Obama highlights global health and innovation in State of the Union. GHTC

•   13 Jan: Preparing for pandemics could cost less than $1 each year, a review says. Reuters

•   15 Jan: Harnessing health innovation to achieve the global goals. GHTC

•   19 Jan: Gates Foundation accused of “dangerously skewing” aid priorities by promoting “corporate globalisation”. The Independent

•   20 Jan: Vaccines alliance signs $5 million advance for Merck’s ebola shot. Reuters

•   20 Jan: To fight “superbugs”, drug makers call for incentives to develop antibiotics. New York Times

•   21 Jan: U.S. launches “full-court press” for a Zika vaccine. Time

•   21 Jan: Health threats spur vaccine hunt. The Wall Street Journal

•   22 Jan: WHO’s doing what?. GHTC

•   25 Jan: Global pharma groups reveal tie-up with universities. Financial Times

•   27 Jan: Obama urges development of tests, treatments for Zika virus. Voice of America

•   28 Jan: Zika virus spreading explosively, says WHO. The Guardian


 New PDP Publications (Since Jan 1 2016)

•  Falling Short: Ensuring access to simple, safe and effective first-line medicines for tuberculosis. TB Alliance and partners. Jan 2016

 MMV at a glance. MMV. Jan 2016


Other Reports /Publications (Since Jan 1 2016)

•    Video: Why is health R&D critical to achieving the SDGs?. GHTC. Jan 8 2016.

•    Follow-up of the report of the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination. WHO. Dec 18 2015.

•    Perspectives on strengthening linkages between research, policy and practice. Share-Net. Jan 2016.

•    Advocating female condoms. A reflection on stakeholders commitments & trends in support for female condoms. Share-Net. Jan 2016.


Peer-Reviewed Articles (Since Jan 1 2016)

•  Enhancing immunogenicity and transmission-blocking activity of malaria vaccines by fusing Pfs25 to IMX313 multimerization technology, Li Y, et al., Nature, DOI: 10.1038/srep18848. Jan 8 2015.

•  Market assessment of tuberculosis diagnostics in India in 2013, TB Diagnostics Market Analysis Consortium, Int J Tuber Lung DIS, DOI: Jan 12 2016.

•  Market assessment of tuberculosis diagnostics in China in 2012, TB Diagnostics Market Analysis Consortium, Int J Tuber Lung DIS, DOI: Jan 12 2016.


PDP Disease Area Related News/ Articles (since Jan 1 2016)

HIV/AIDS •   6 Jan: Develop, demonstrate, deliver: Model shows AIDS vaccine is essential to conclusively end epidemic. AVAC
TB •   4 Jan: Tuberculosis drug designed for children nears market. The Guardian

•   12 Jan: USAID announces new partnership to combat MDR-TB. Science Speaks

•   14 Jan: Welcoming the National Action Plan for Combating Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: Important first steps, critical next steps. GHTC

•   25 Jan: TB: With a plan on the table, an outbreak at home, U.S. Senators, UN Envoy urge White House to fund tuberculosis programs. Science Speaks`

•   27 Jan: Survey shows Xpert TB diagnosis costly, out of reach in countries where private care predominates. Science Speaks

Malaria •   2 Jan: Breakthrough technology has power to stop malaria. Voice of America

•   6 Jan: Malaria drug could be useful against ebola. STAT

•   6 Jan: WHO releases results from reviews of rapid malaria tests. Vaccine News Daily

•   12 Jan: ABIVAX announces positive top-line clinical Phase 11a data for novel HIV drug-candidate ABX464. Medical News Today

•   17 Jan: Obama’s goal to wipe out malaria may be a dream too far. New York Times

•   17 Jan: Obama’s upbeat message about ending malaria omits discouraging signs. NPR

•   19 Jan: “Rallying the world” to defeat malaria. USAID

•   21 Jan: Stopping the spread of malaria. Al Jazeera America

•   25 Jan: British government and Bill Gates announce £3bn to fight malaria. Guardian

•   25 Jan: Britain and Bill Gates to announce £3 billion to eradicate malaria. Yahoo News

NTDs •   7 Jan: Looking for new funding models to address an ancient problem. Devex

•   8 Jan: Device promises faster schistosomiasis diagnosis. SciDevNet

•   11 Jan: River blindness vaccine “major step closer” for Africans menaced by disease. BT

•   21 Jan: Scientists are finally putting sleeping sickness to bed. Van Winkle’s


Upcoming events

TBVI Annual Symposium 2016

February 3, 2016

Les Diablerets, Switzerland



PFG Face to Face Meeting

March 1 2016

Berlin, Germany


IPM and IAVI Back to Back Donor Meetings

March 2 – 3 2016

American Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Malaria Vaccines for the World 2016

May 2 – 4, 2016

Leiden, Netherlands



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